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Peter Carlisle and Rose Tyler (1/?)

↳Based on the fic First Impressions by tennantmeister (x)

—-Chapter 1


He glanced over his shoulder and then did a double take as he saw Rose Tyler standing just two feet away. She looked different from the pictures Google had retrieved for him the night before. Less makeup, hair seemed to be a darker blonde, and her all black attire was standard for Torchwood… but it was most definitely her. First impression: She was even more beautiful than he had imagined. Bloody hell.

As the man in front of her turned his face in her direction, Rose felt every muscle in her body freeze. It was him! No… it wasn’t… but who? How? Was he talking? Yes. What was he saying? His name? Was he introducing himself? Peter Carlisle. Wait… Peter Carlisle? Her mind was reeling, her mouth suddenly went dry, and she wasn’t sure but she thought her knees might buckle. This was Peter Carlisle, her new field agent, but he looked just like the Doctor. The universe had a blooming cruel sense of humor. First impression: The accent was wrong and he needed a shave.
Bloody hell.

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I will always share this LOL

I relate on a spiritual level with the absolute fury in that cat’s face in the last gif

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Ortodoxa by Monograma.

‘Orthodox’ means following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules or beliefs of a practice. That is the same principle of Ortodoxa, a typeface that holds to the tradition of sans-serif without the aim of innovation but rather seeks for a fresh look at conventional letterforms. Inspired by modern geometric typography, this versatile family stands for cleanness, neutrality and, most important, legibility. It is well-suited for paper or computer screens.

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